A Bright Spark Moment

February 23, 2019, was a monumental day for us. After much hard work, we were granted our club charter. As the charter president of the Rotary Club of Wyndham Harbour, I have had a profound experience on this journey. My “bright spark” moment was when I realized I belonged in a new Rotary platform filled with beautiful people with fresh eyes and revitalizing energy for what being a Rotarian means. This first newsletter is so exciting because of what we can all share due to all the hard work we have done.

What does a fresh perspective and new energy bring? The past 4 months since our charter approval has revealed amazing results…

People with fresh eyes think outside the box. No one has told them what the box even looks like or suggested they should be trapped inside its confines.

Fresh Eyes & Fresh Energy

By empowering our new Rotarians (members) to be voices for doing everything we can in Rotary, not just what is comfortable or easy, our members are advocates for thoughtful, positive, and lasting change.
There is limitless power in fresh energy. In the club environment, we are creating, all our members are encouraged to think big and be innovative people with fresh perspectives.
Our club members come from unique stories and lives, having lived through an array of experiences. Yet, they also have much in common. A few words that come to mind are ambitious, naturally hardworking, and we all carry a strong sense of civic duty.
Since our charter night celebration in April 2019, our new Rotarians (members) have demonstrated the qualities that make us unique as we’ve gotten to know each other and set forth our plans for the upcoming year (and years). We have fundraised and taken on critical issues from day one.

We have created a social setting that allows us to explore the ideas most valuable to us as Rotarians. This is paramount in strengthening our club’s membership and critical to our success as a club. Our club’s DNA shows what we stand for: Waves’ of Change.

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