The people I most admire are those who give back to society and humanity

It is a great privilege that I can say I am one of the chartering members of the new Rotary Club of Wyndham Harbour (RCWH). The Rotary Club of Wyndham Harbour is a Wave of Change and already kicking goals with its vibrant enthusiastic, go get attitude.

By Richard Hegedich Top photograph by Adele Hegedich


I became a Rotarian because I saw RCWH as an opportunity to achieve a work/life balance with me offering my vocation skills to the club, whilst also being able to foster good fellowship in order to achieve our club goals.

I am a lawyer by profession and run Hegedich & De Crescenzo Lawyers with my wife Adele, also a chartering member of RCWH. The legal profession was a vocation I was always interested in and was one I entered as a mature age student after several years in the insurance industry. Law was a vocation I pursued in my father’s footsteps as he had been a Lawyer in Croatia, but had never had the opportunity to practice here in Australia. My heritage is Croatian and it is a language which I speak and write fluently.

My interests include travelling and my favourite destinations are Noosa Heads, Las Vegas, Vietnam, Thailand and of course Croatia, which is well known for its natural beauty and the wonderful hospitality of its people. In fact, many well know musicians and film stars either visit there regularly or have holiday homes at some of the wonderful islands and resorts that are prevalent all over the country, namely Tom Cruise, Tom Jones and U2 just to name a few. I have only been there twice but hope to visit many more times in the future.


In fact in a recent survey Croatia ranked very highly for its beaches even taking the number one position in the world. I also love Singapore because it is in my opinion the absolute model society, from which most countries, including Australia, could learn so much from in many ways.

I have a passion for long distance non-stop driving and see it as a form of freedom and relaxation, and particularly love the non-stop driving from Melbourne to Noosa Heads (and the return trip of course)
I also enjoy fishing and it’s a skill I would like to improve on, as I have only ever done it in Queensland. The fish I have caught by the dozens are Bream and sand whiting, but I’m forever striving to catch the Mangrove Jack, the best tasting fish I have ever had.

I am a savoury spicy chilli lover in preference to a sweet tooth and can’t go without vegemite on toast at least five or six times a week for breakfast. I also love a good Goulash, meat stews and steak, with my favourite restaurant being the famous Vlado’s in Richmond, a Croatian institution where corporate heavyweights, celebrities, politicians, sporting icons and the like, eat at often. I love all the very strong tasting cheeses, accompanied with an upmarket red wine and if I could engage in any occupation outside the law, my choice would definitely be an international wine taster.

In my spare time I usually go on long walks or a jog and I enjoy taking my daughter Antionette to swimming and Taekwondo lessons several times a week, as well as watching the AFL on tv and going to the occasional game. But of course my most favourite pastime is spending time with my family.

The people I most admire are those who give back to society and humanity like the doctors and nurses who work for Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), without regard to their own personal safety, many in war ravaged countries. I admire great leaders who forsake their own freedom and liberty so that others in their country may live in a more just and fair society, like the late great Nelson Mandela. I do not have any time for the rock stars and movie stars of the world who earn hundreds of millions of dollars but give zero back to humanity. Rotary is an organisation that aligns with my beliefs.

My closest friends would describe me as an exceptionally loyal and trustworthy person. I also strive to be the best I can be and once I begin a task I will always see it through to the end.

I am looking forward very much with working with my fellow Rotarians, especially those of the RCWH on many great projects in the years to come.

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